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harvey weinstein

People are burning a huge Harvey Weinstein effigy

Torch bad men

Subverting the day that celebrates Guy Fawkes’ failure to blow up the Houses of Parliament, over 10,000 people will descend on the small English town of Edenbridge to watch an 11-metre effigy of Harvey Weinstein get burnt to cinders. 

For over 20 years, the Edenbridge Bonfire Society has singled out a nasty celebrity, alongside the customary effigy of Guy Fawkes, to get torched as part of the town’s largest annual celebration that involves fireworks, a torch-lit procession, carnival floats and other festive shenanigans. Past celebrities burnt to a crisp include Lance Armstrong, Saddam Hussein and Donald Trump.

The group announced in a statement: “As with last year there were many strong contenders for this year’s celebrity guy, particularly in the political and cultural world. However, Weinstein was the obvious option due to allegations of outrageous and despicable conduct, which we at Edenbridge Bonfire Society obviously found completely abhorrent.”

While the celebrity burning is described as a bit of “light-hearted” fun, the group add: “there is of course nothing funny about Weinstein’s behaviour, so it seemed only fair that he gets his comeuppance in effigy form.”

The string of sexual abuse, assault and rape allegations against Weinstein has triggered a floodgate of similar accusations against men across all industries, including Kevin SpaceyGaslamp Killer and Crystal Castles’ Ethan Kath. Women have taken a united front and banded together in a movement to address the despicable sexual misconduct that men in positions of power, across industries, continue to commit. 

The publicity drawn by these celebrity effigies is all for a good cause, as proceeds from the event (they hope to raise over £5,000) go to charity.

The event will take place November 5 with a torch-lit procession through Edenbridge from 6.30pm, with the burning of the effigies and a fireworks display.

With all of the gross incidents coming to light this year, next year’s event will just have to set up a whole host of abusers to be torched. Road trip?