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People are now paying to see who's swiped them on Tinder

Say hello to Tinder Gold

Noticed a change in your Tinder recently? This week it hit number 1 in the app store for the first time, following the global launch of Tinder Gold, which lets you see who has liked you first without swiping at all – basically premium vanity: you get the buzz of knowing that people fancy you without the repetitive strain injury of all that swiping.

Although as I discovered when I briefly invested in Bumble Boost (the Bumble equivalent), Tinder Gold is pretty tantalising – could it be endgame for Tinder as we know it? Surely if everyone buys into Tinder Gold's “swipe first” culture we'll all just be staring at empty screens? But who knows, maybe it will be good for us, and we can return to meeting people for the first time IRL instead of hunched over a shiny screen.

We spoke to three women who have invested in the app about their Tinder experiences so far, and why they decided to pay for Tinder Gold.

Chelsea Trampos, 19, from Kent, Ohio

“I've had Tinder for three years.

“I bought Tinder Gold for $73 because I was drunk and lonely with my mom's credit card. It's been a good investment so far because I'm getting loads of compliments.

“I only swipe right if they're over 6'0 tall. Best convo was when a guy said: ‘You're like getting ten pieces of nugget and then realising you have 11’”.

Laura Ryan, 22, from Dublin, Ireland

“I paid €16 for Tinder Gold and I regret nothing. I'm currently swiping in London the range of wang is 10/10. I've been on and off Tinder for the past four years (crazy, I know).

"I bought Tinder Premium before and stopped, but Tinder Gold has the feature of getting to see who liked you so that was my main reason for buying it, but I don't think the fact they didn't swipe right on me first would change how I would choose to swipe.”

Kobey Simpson, 19, from Akron, Ohio

“I've had Tinder for about a year and I bought Tinder Gold out of curiosity one night because I saw it advertised and was intrigued, but honestly I've been unimpressed and wish I could get my money back. I only bought a one month subscription and it was $14.99, so it was kinda pricdy and the only pro is seeing who's swiped on you first.

“I'm pretty picky on Tinder so whether they've liked me first or if it's a mystery then I'm no more likely to swipe one way or another!

“Typically don't reply to boys on Tinder, I use it as a time killer, and I'm not looking for anything off of it.”

Ellie Williams, 22, from London

“I don't remember doing it to be honest. I went on to my Tinder the afternoon after a night out and it said Tinder Plus at the bottom of the screen. I'm pretty sure I downloaded it because I wanted to rewind an accidental swipe left.

“So I'm like well, I have Tinder plus now so I might as well take advantage, and spent all after noon swiping around the world.

“I don't really use Tinder to actually meet anyone anymore though. Dating is expensive in London and hooking up first without dating is risky.”