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Millie Bobby Brown launches positive vibes Twitter account

The Stranger Things star wants to fight the cesspit of the internet with messages of love and positivity

Millie Bobby Brown, the 13-year-old anti-bullying advocate and star of Stranger Things, has set up a Twitter account to spread love and fight hate. The account, @milliestopshate, has only been live for less than a day, but it has almost 9,000 followers already.

The account, managed by Millie, has seen thousands of replies from fans and other people looking for reassurance and love. In her first tweet to followers, she wrote: “Hey guys share stories and love! I love you all.”

“I will tweet encouragement and advice for situations that need love and help,” she added. She’s responded to a few fans, and plans to continue “sharing love and positivity”, which on a platform rampant with trolls and bullying is a very sweet way for her to spend her time.

In February, Twitter attempted to combat abuse on its site by punishing trolls, limiting tweets of anyone found to be consistently offensive and aggressive. Last November, the social platform brought in its mute feature, which allows anyone to hide all tweets with specific words and phrases. 

A recent teaser for the second series of Stranger Things was released, which is said to be “a lot more horror-oriented”. The series will drop in October this year.