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Gattaca (1997) still
Gattaca (1997) stillVia IMDb

Gattaca series set to bring dystopian designer babies to our TV screens

The original 1997 sci-fi thriller saw Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman navigate a ‘not-too-distant’ future driven by eugenics

A TV adaptation of the Gattaca – the 1997 sci-fi thriller starring Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman as inhabitants of a biopunk future where society has fully embraced eugenics – is reportedly in development at Showtime.

Taking its name from the letters G, A, T, and C, the four bases of DNA, the original Gattaca revolves around Vincent Freeman, a character conceived outside the dystopian genetic selection programme that powers a “not-too-distant” future society. While it’s technically illegal, in this society, to discriminate on the basis of genetics, “in-valids” like Freeman are typically relegated to menial jobs, meaning he has to disguise himself as a “valid” to realise his dreams of spaceflight, getting tangled up in a murder investigation in the process.

For now, it’s unclear whether the small-screen adaptation of the film will pick up the same cast of characters, and plot details are similarly scarce. According to Variety, however, Dallas Buyers Club writer Craig Borten co-created the show alongside Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon (who are best known for the Showtime hit Homeland, as well as shows such as The X-Files).

Upon its release in 1997, Gattaca wasn’t a commercial success, failing to make back its budget. It did, however, receive several award nominations, including an Oscar nomination for best art direction, and has since gained a cult following. A police procedural reboot was said to be in development back in 2009, but development plans ultimately fell through.

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