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Timothée Chalamet for Dazed China 5
Photography Davit Giorgadze, Styling Alvin and Sid Yahao Sun, courtesy Dazed China

Timothée Chalamet shares photos of himself opening your fan mail

*Buys stamps*

When I was 12 years old, I wrote a two-page letter to Zac Efron (after his debut in High School Musical), in which I declared my undying love for him, and shared my Myspace URL in case he wanted to hit me up (LOL). In return, I received a signed picture of the actor, presumably forged by one of his assistants. Over the last decade, I’ve lived in peace knowing that Efron probably never saw my humiliating letter. That is, until this week, when I watched famous actor and teen heartthrob Timothée Chalamet opening his fan mail.

On Wednesday (November 18), the Beautiful Boy star took to his Instagram Stories to show off some of the gifts he receives from his adoring fans. The first image shows Chalamet surrounded by boxes and letters, including one sent from Japan which is requesting the actor’s signature, if it’s not “too much trouble”.

In a series of photos, Chalamet reveals his presents, which include a neatly-packed box of socks, a mug with a list of his films carved into it, a headband with a peach on it, as well as two sequin cushions and a t-shirt, each with his face on. Someone also sent the actor a hand-painted wall hanging, decorated with a scene from Call Me By Your Name.

One fan sent Chalamet a book of photographs from their summer in Crema, where Call Me By Your Name was filmed. “I want to share my beautiful summer days that you made possible,” the fan wrote. “I don’t think it’s enough for you, King of Photography, but I hope you enjoy it!”

This isn’t the first time Chalamet has shown his appreciation for the gifts his fans send him. A Twitter thread of “Timothée Chalamet wearing fan gifts” shows him accept and immediately put on a bracelet given to him on the red carpet, wearing a Ladybird badge, t-shirt, and socks respectively sent to him by fans, and being photographed holding an Eiffel Tower keyring given to him outside an event.

The moral of the story? Send Chalamet nice gifts and letters, sure, but be aware that he will actually open them.