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Netflix, Unsolved Mysteries trailer
courtesy of YouTube/Netflix

Netflix shares a public drive with bonus evidence from Unsolved Mysteries

The rebooted series was the biggest Netflix show in the US and the UK last week, prompting viewers to send in over 1500 new leads

Netflix’s revival of Unsolved Mysteries shot to the top of the list of most-watched shows on the platform after it debuted last week, and has already prompted viewers to send in over 1500 tips related to the unsolved cases presented in each of the six initial episodes.

According to the show’s creator, Terry Dunn Meurer, many of these tips are credible too, and could potentially lead to future arrests, with the show having already inspired the reopening of one FBI case (that of Alonzo Brooks, a 22-year-old boy who disappeared from a Kansas party in the early 2000s).

Now, Netflix is making it even easier to get involved in Unsolved Mysteries, discuss the cases, and potentially provide leads. Yesterday (July 7) the streaming platform posted a link to a public Google Drive on Reddit.

According to Netflix, the drive contains: “all the assembled evidence, case files, interviews, and video clips for each story that didn't make it into the final episodes.”

In a July 5 interview with USA Today, Meurer previously explained the team’s process for receiving and processing new, credible pieces of information about a case, saying that they pass it on to the relevant authorities, and hope to receive more leads as more people binge the show.

The original series’ of Unsolved Mysteries – which ran from 1987 to 2010, on a variety of networks – brought more attention to the cases they featured, sometimes resulting in them being solved. They have also been credited with directly leading to the arrest of multiple suspects and loved ones being reunited.

Watch the trailer for the current series below.