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Watch the trailer for the new docuseries on Serial’s Adnan Syed

OK but did he do it?

We all know Serial season one was the best. Even though the third instalment has just drawn to a close, fans, and apparently the authorities, are still fascinated by the original tale of Adnan Syed.

Almost 15 years after he was convicted of the murder of Hae Min Lee, there’s going to be yet another four-part doc looking into his case which coincides with a new trial for the now 38-year-old.

The Case Against Adnan Syed will be directed by Amy Berg will air on HBO in the US and eventually in the UK (TBC). Berg has been working on the show for three years and has apparently uncovered “a piece of evidence that nobody even realised existed for all these years”.

Adnan’s case is a testament to the power of true crime. Since the popularity of his story via the This American Life podcast the public interest has helped re-open his case. The protagonist who is currently serving a life sentence can be heard saying: “I know there are things that don’t look good for me”.

Watch the trailer below.