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The Beach Bum

Watch Matthew McConaughey give us poetic foreplay in The Beach Bum trailer

Finally, more Moondog

Harmony Korine’s latest film will be the weed-loving poet narrative we all deserve. Moondog, is a stoner and orator played by Matthew McConaughey who embarks on a journey of self–discovery to try and “uncover his connection with the world.”

This extended preview begins with a little bit of “poetic foreplay” as he warms up the audience on stage in a trashy beach resort by threatening: “One day I will swallow the world, and when I do I hope you all perish violently.” The rest of the extended trailer is a neon fever dream and another sneak peak at Moondog’s wardrobe – his aesthetic is an eclectic mixture of unwashed Justin Bieber and every hipster at a house festival. It’s a hedonistic montage of weed, speed boats and golf with an all-star cast of Jonah Hill. 

In between the lines of cokes are lines of actually funny dialogue from an all-star cast. Zac Efron, Isla Fisher, Snoop Dogg and legendary singer Jimmy Buffett are all players in Korinne’s summery adventure. 

Despite releasing two trailers so far, the plot of the film still remains quite vague. What we do know is that Snoop Dog traded out the prop marijuana for the real thing without McConaughey’s knowledge, meaning McConaughey went full method actor for this role that he was definitely born to play.

The Beach Bum is set to hit theatres March 22. Watch the trailer below.