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Gillian Anderson in Sex Education
via Netflix

Gillian Anderson talks shagging in new trailer for Sex Education

‘I’ve noticed you’re pretending to masturbate’

Cast your mind back to your late teens: WKDs, fake IDs, and, of course, an obsessive fascination with shagging. From lacklustre education (see: condoms on bananas) to ‘the talk’ with your parents, anyone who has experienced puberty in a British high school will understand the excruciatingly awkward first conversations about sex.

Netflix’s coming-of-age series Sex Education is here to help you relive it. In a new trailer for the show, we see inexperienced teen Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) navigating the trials and tribulations of going through puberty with a sex therapist mother, played by none other than icon Gillian Anderson.

As the trailer opens, we see Anderson ask: “I’ve noticed you’re pretending to masturbate, and I was wondering if you wanted to talk about it?” Although I think we can collectively agree that not only do we wish Gillian Anderson was our mum, but also that she would give us sex advice, in reality it would probably be teenage hell.

Instead of running away and dying of embarrassment, Otis decides to utilise the knowledge he has reluctantly gained from his mother to open a sex therapy clinic for the hopeless, horny students at his high school. Teaming up with cool girl Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey), the pair tackle the issues we’re too embarrassed to talk about, including: “I’m addicted to wanking”, and “I wish I was a normal kid, with a normal dick”.

Exploring everything from love and relationships, to sex positivity and identity, Sex Education will seemingly champion inclusivity, and promote a much-needed openness about sex. Through eight hour-long episodes, the show will offer a funny, frank, and incredibly British look at a very relatable coming-of-age ritual.

Sex Education will debut on Netflix on January 11. Watch the trailer below.