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twin peaks

Relive every Twin Peaks episode with these beautiful one-second clips

Stunningly shot scenes, zero context

We’re still living a sad Twin Peaks-less existence, over a year since David Lynch brought us back to the sinister fictional logging town where lots of fucked up but aesthetic as hell things happened.

Luckily Andy Kelly, a writer, video producer and self-proclaimed internet time waster, has put together two beautiful supercuts combining one-second snippets from each episode from the TV series in a super montage. A second creative montage pieces together super short scenes from the prequel film Fire Walk With Me. If you haven’t had the chance to watch the series and movie, here’s a bit of a crash course in iconic Lynchian drama. 

Kelly’s carefully chosen scenes range between the vivid and the macarbe, and serving as a “how to” for budding directors – even without context, they’re still compelling.

There’s been some casual hints by the director and filmmaker that a fourth season of the series could still happen. He was also spotted at Netflix HQ not too long ago. Agent Cooper actor Kyle McLachlan is pretty keen on its return anyway – previously speaking with Deadline, he remarked, “I think those kinds of things are certainly possible. I think we’re all just waiting on David to have the spark of an idea to go forward. It’d be a great journey. I would drop everything to do that.”

Watch below.