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Barb from Stranger Things got nominated for an Emmy


The Emmy nominations were announced today, and among the obvious – HBO’s Westworld received 22 alone – there was one pretty massive surprise that not many people were expecting. Barb, the cautious friend of Nancy Wheeler in Stranger Things played by actress Shannon Purser, received a nom for Guest Actress in a Drama series.

She’s up against heavyweights Laverne Cox for Orange is the New Black and Alexis Bledel for her work in The Handmaid’s Tale. Purser joins co-stars Millie Bobby Brown and David Harbour, who also received nominations.

Even though Barb was killed off, sparking the grassroots movement #JusticeForBarb to bring her back, she really made a mark with her cameos. “It’s proof she won’t be forgotten,” the show’s creators, Joel and Matt Duffer, told EW. “Shannon took this… it’s barely a three-episode role and somehow turned it into what became this iconic character so I don’t know how she did it.”

Finally, people felt that this was justice served.

However, not everyone was pleased that Winona Ryder didn’t receive a nomination for her incredible return to a major series. Or even that Purser was nominated at all, instead of Rami Malek for Mr. Robot or Aubrey Plaza for Legion. Perhaps this was simply a way for the Emmys to drum up some press. Either way, Barb is up against some big names, and her work speaks for itself. Long live Barb!