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Sonia Rykiel Womenswear A/W11

Nathalie Rykiel showed a collection slinky knitted dresses and furry-armed coats that was perfect for the eclectic girls of Parisian

You’re never going to leave a Sonia Rykiel show without a smile given that it’s one of the few shows where the models laugh, are jovial with each other and basically have a blast as they shimmy down the catwalk. Today, that was certainly the case but during the course of the show, each model sauntered out and positioned themselves all along the wire fence in the middle with fluorescent tube lighting installations all along. Cool kids hanging out and us as the audience looking on thinking we wanted to be them. If Sonia Rykiel has come to be a little be predictable with all her stripy, gloriously coloured knits then this collection threw in a few curveballs by way of hopping across the Channel and picking up tartans, the quilting of a Barbour jacket, thick Scottish knits, Granny patchwork and even the Camden fave, the brothel creeper.

Combine all of that with an elegant, unashamedly bourgeois mood infiltrating the slinky knitted dresses, the furry-armed coats that were also bulked out with layering of scarves and stoles, chunky pearls and you have yourself some delectably eclectic ensembles that you’d want to wear head to toe. The colours went the full hog with shades of mustard, fuchsia, turquoise, apple green, tomato red, candy pink and cinnamon all making an appearance aided with textural glimmers from metallic copper strips or large pink sequins creating a cloud print on a cut-away halterneck mini dress. Rykiel’s girls could do with taking a few more trips to pick up references like this to mix it up in a way that left us wanting more.

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