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Balmain Womenswear A/W11

It was glam-rock again at Balmain, which took a loose and lean turn for this season

Where was Christophe Decarnin? Why didn’t he come out? Apparently he’s in a mental institution? Apparently he was seen in a supermarket last week? Did Melanie Ward, the stylist of the show design the whole thing with the Balmain team? Questions, comments and speculation was all over the Internet yesterday, something that clouded the shift in this collection. Regardless of who was behind this, it felt right to see a change-up from the punked out and safety pin-ridden vibes of the previous seasons. Therefore to glam-rock we go at Balmain with metallic jeans and lame jackets worn with sleek unitards slashed to the naval and an onslaught of bejewelled embellishment running in geometric patterns.

Trousers became cropped at the knee to better show off the white lace-up boots. Dresses that were heavy with embroidery were still cut-short but kept to a long-sleeved mini-shift shape that was a lot looser than what had gone before. The mood shift also saw surprise elements such as a masculine pale blue suit as well as bibbed shirts enter the collection to counterbalance all the bling. Sexy is still king at Balmain though as the holey ripped up tees from before now became tanks with a portion cut-out at the side leaving one side of the hips exposed. The final glitter chapter came in the form of chainmail suspender trousers and skirt and Ziggy-era glitter motifs on jumpsuits that fell right into theme.

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