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Trussardi Womenswear A/W11

Heavier fabrics such as fur and leather with plastic panels overtook the collection reminiscent of 70s glamour

PhotographyMega BowerTextKasia Bobula

Trussardi’s new winter collection looks to the style of women such as Faye Dunaway in “The Thomas Crown Affair” to find inspiration. The result is yet another affair with the season’s most sought-after trend: menswear. Fabrics such as fur and leather – Trussardi’s signature for over one hundred years – dominate the collection, which is clearly divided into two silhouettes. Thus, there are ensembles that look structured and oversized, and those that are lean and adorned with ultra-feminine fringes. That diversity also continues within the textures – leather bags include sheer plastic panels and Mongolian fur is juxtaposed with studded or laced-up leather. Long silk dresses with embroidered black are yet another testimony to Trussardi’s ongoing fascination with the 1970s glamour.

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