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Sibling A/W11

Besides working with Pure Evil, pub logos and East End drinking establishments were translated by the trio for a quirky collection

Presenting their latest delivery of hyper cool knitwear, the three-strong team behind Sibling, Cozette McCreery, Sid Bryan and Joe Bates, took over Somerset House's grand Portico Rooms for their showing. Taking the East End of London, and the pubs the three designers frequent, as their starting point the collection featured pub logos, direct translations and tattoos as their references. Created off the back of four of their most visited drinking establishments the collection is based on the idea of a 'knitted pub crawl'. Other references include street artist Pure Evil's panda mask signature logo, a cross between the black and white creatures and rock band Kiss, something seen in and around the streets of Shoreditch and Brick Lane.

Dazed Digital: Can you tell me about the theme for this collection?
Cozette McCreery:
The theme was Darn the Boozer. It came from us all moving to east London and it is the colloquial way of saying 'down the boozer'. It is basically about us going to the pub, obviously, and the fact that we make knitwear. Its about the pubs that we go to in London, George & Dragon, Red Lion, Bricklayers Arms and the Golden Heart.

DD: How have you referenced that in the pieces?
Cozette McCreery:
Well in a literal sense we actually have pub logos embroidered in, but then in a more abstract way there are pieces which reference George, and pieces which reference the dragon. We create some pieces which were about the idea of armour and then others which are to look like dragons scales, for example. We also worked with tattoo ideas and have insignia's and iconography for each pub.

DD: You also collaborated with street artist Pure Evil.
Cozette McCreery:
Yeah, when we first all got to London he was tagging all over and one of his things is panda's Rock, panda's with KISS make up. We asked to work with him because he really felt very East London for us. He actually has a gallery on the way to the Bricklayers Arms.

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