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Katie Eary Menswear A/W11

Bright neons and barbed mouthpieces gave an eccentric feel to more collegiate references of knits and varsity jackets

Taking over the Portico Rooms in Somerset House, Katie Eary's runway presentation saw a solid turnout of London's emergent talent, supporters and press. Sending out both mens and womenswear, Katie's girls wore loose and open knit in hyper colourful, tough and young but elegant tops and dresses. Accompanied by American collegiate references, her take and twist gave the pieces a punchy, sharp feel. The menswear carried on the theme, pushing the college feel with varsity and flight jackets emblazoned with the labels logo. Always adding a theatrical element to her shows, this season we had boys wearing golden barbed mouth pieces, while the encore walk featured all models, male and female, in bunny rabbit style Michael Myers masks.

Dazed Digital: What was the theme behind this collection?
Katie Eary:
Really it is about the American dream and how I find it all a bit ridiculous. I was just thinking about all the things that are idealistically lovely in the American dream and then I started thinking about horror films, the way those idealistic values are represented and subverted.

DD: What films were you looking at?
Katie Eary:
Classic horror movies, teen horror movies. I then started looking again at Donnie Darko, because that film pretty much says everything that I think about things anyway.

DD: How did that all pull together for you?
Katie Eary:
The 50s seemed a big influence, or that image of the fifties, the varsity boys and all the pretty girls that walk around wearing hardy anything. Like Scream, I know that isn’t 1950s but it was very much about that sort of typical college feel. That was where I was going with it and then I wanted to pout my edge on it, thinking about all those slutty girls running around in the rain.

DD: Where did the hyper bright colours drop in?
Katie Eary:
I know 50s isn’t neon but it just sort of felt right in that context, and in the context of what I do, also that 50s tattoo way of illustrating body parts. And then the pink came in as well. I had already started using glow in the dark anyway, and then I thought neon. Who knows how that all happened.

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