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J.W. Anderson Menswear A/W11

The menswear line from Jonathan Anderson saw him pursue a more luxurious direction through defined structures and a modern feel

This was the second outing for Jonathan Anderson's J.W. Anderson label this season, after his womenswear show debut earlier in the week. Incorporating eclectic references taken from research into various subcultures, the collection was a luxurious one with a defined and forward thinking feel. Deconstructed tailoring featured throughout with hoods added to sports and dinner jackets, mohair knit sweaters sat alongside jacquard full length coats and tailored, slim, woollen trousers featured heavily. Other highlights included leather trousers, quilted sleeve leather and biker jackets, sweatshirts in a boucle pattern woven ribbon and, of course, the heavily detailed boots featuring fur covered toe caps.

Dazed Digital: What ideas were you working with in this collection?
Jonathan Anderson:
It was really about chopping things up and putting them together, this on that, that on this, wrongs and rights. I was also thinking about the idea that what you may project on the front is not necessarily what you project on the back.

DD: How did that come through in the collection?
Jonathan Anderson:
Well in an obvious way we did pieces that were made up in two parts almost, but also in a way I wanted to twist things and just see how far I could push it before thy started getting gross. I was just working with that idea and how I would balance it really.

DD: Did you have a 'boy' in mind for the collection?
Jonathan Anderson:
Yeah I guess it was a sort of schoolboy character, a little bit angsty. Perhaps a bit more modern that previously.

DD: What sort of research were you doing?
Jonathan Anderson:
I was looking a lot at subcultural groups, but not just in the UK, also in Poland and Russia and looking at how things are completely different there. I was looking at these amazing images where the kids were just mixing everything together stylistically, a bit of this and a bit of that.

DD: There was quite a lot of paisley patterning through this season. Where was that sourced from?
Jonathan Anderson:
They were actually old tie silks that I managed to get hold if. We just changed the colours a bit and bumped up the hues to make them as modern and refined as possible.

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