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Topshop Unique A/W11

Luxury, glamour and status were the themes for the show featuring denim to prints, lurex and silk pieces

Looking back at historic images from America, the Topshop Unique show featured a very varied series of looks taking in a wide range of references. The idea of a luxury, status, power and glamour were all included, pulled from the iconic symbolism of the country. Elegance in the form of gowns and evening wear was accompanied by bold prints and animal inspired pieces through into full denim outfits and little black dresses. All over print, lurex, silk and embroidery all made an appearance in the collection that could have almost been a complete wardrobe. Colours ranged right through from yellows, blues, white to dark earthy greens and black. Print in all its glory featured heavily along with metallics and a whole host of faux furs.

Dazed Digital: What were you looking at for this collection?
Topshop Unique: We ended up watching a lot of films, starting with the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians but then also some from the 1930s such as The Great Gatsby. We were also looking at the whole monochromatic thing, America in the 1930s, skyscrapers and that kind of industrial grit.

DD: What was it about those films that you found exciting?
Topshop Unique: The Great Gatsby is a love story and I think Mia Farrow looks amazing in it and that really influenced me. She's such a strong and beautiful character in that film.

DD: What were the key pieces for you?
Topshop Unique: I really loved the fur, the fake fur and the tailoring, but then also the large outerwear piece with the attached tails at the back.

DD: Denim featured quite heavily as well. What influenced that?
Topshop Unique: We actually ended up looking at a lot of old footage of performance by Madonna. The Blonde Ambition tour had a lot of denim in the wardrobe so we pulled form that in some of the designs. Seeing those old performances also inspired me to get more into the pinstripe materials and the bold suits that had an almost 30s gangster appeal to them.