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Ann Sofie Back Atelje A/W11

Inspired by cars and pornography, minimal and elegant shapes were accented with metal detailing

Pared down, minimal and elegant was the clear theme running through the Autumn Winter collection from Ann-Sofie Back Atelje. Cleanly cut rigid fabrics built a strong sense of shape with the occasional flowing silk and cotton adding a contrasting softer chic feel. The choice of presentation models with well defined features complemented the almost austere look of some of the season's pieces, embodied in their slick backed hair and very simple make up. Cut away details featured throughout, along with gold metal accents on edges and corners, all inspired by cars – via pornography. While the collection featured more volume, accentuated with the occasional pleated element, the look was, as previously seen, sophisticated and refined.

Dazed Digital: What was your inspiration behind this season for you?
Ann-Sofie Back:
Well it sort of followed on from last year's collection, where we had been looking at porn. It is a continuation of that idea, the idea that men can look at women in the same way they look at cars.

DD: How did that translate into the collection?
Ann-Sofie Back:
Well a lot of inspiration ended up coming from car design, car shapes and features and fittings. For instance, there is a leather bag that has that classic car bonnet shape and the idea of speed was important to the clothing. Also there were some dashboard inspired elements in the jewellery and on some of the T-shirts we actually did a bug splatter pattern print, reminiscent of a windscreen.

DD: You really pared down the colours of the collection, working around one light and dark shade.
Ann-Sofie Back:
Well I usually don't work with colour that much at all so this collection was actually really colourful for me!

DD: Where did the metal accents that appear across the collection stem from?
Ann-Sofie Back:
It was an idea of windscreens and the edges of the cars themselves that inspired that. We did those accents in gold plate to give them a really luxurious feel.