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ACNE Womenswear A/W11

Jonny Johansson played with proportions, using voluminous jackets and shift dresses against oversized tops in a colourful spectrum

Jonny Johansson's latest collection of Acne womenswear continued on his path of creating for a sexy, strong and nonchalant girl. Playing with volume in jackets and shift dresses he enlarged proportions giving the upper body size. Trousers and skirts were slimline in contrast, accentuating the oversized tops. Bold and bright blues, reds and oranges featured throughout, in contrast to what is often seen in a winter collection, adding much needed colour to the season. The shades were chosen to sit unnaturally with each other, enhancing the classic Acne nonchalance. Metallic leathers were also a strong feature throughout the collection, which was all created under the theme of 'the studio'.

Dazed Digital: Can you tell me about the idea of 'the studio', which inspired this collection?
Jonny Johansson: 
It was really straight forward for me this season. I got interested in the girls who work in my studio, and how they make fashion. They can't perhaps afford something that is very expensive, so they do a lot themselves, and they do it in a very cool way. They might take the sleeves off a tailored jacket or create something that is a mixture between classic and young. Sometimes in my collections there is a really grand inspiration, but this time I just looked at who was around me and realised how good they looked.

DD: There was some oversized elements in there also...
Jonny Johansson: 
Yeah, a little bit with the tops and then paired down in the leg. T all came from what the girls were doing though. For instance with the oversized leather jackets, that was something that was really happening, so I just recreated it and threw that in.

DD: What inspired the leathers and biker jackets?
Jonny Johansson: 
The biker thing is always something that the girls like. They always love that tough and kind of slouchy look.

DD: Where did the bright, strong, contrasting colours stem from for a winter collection?
Jonny Johansson: 
We did a shoot with Daniel Silver and afterwards I got the opportunity to meet him. I really thought his colour pallet was beautiful. It may be a bit summery but I thought that we needed to inject that into these winters a little bit, now they are so long and cold.

DD: There was also some metallics in there.
Jonny Johansson: 
Yes the metallic came from being in that studio environment. You know, you grab things and put them together to make it happen. Kind of fused together. Also the metallics have a spiritual feel for me, and I always like to include something along those lines in the collections.


Acne A/W 11 Women's Main Collection Runway Show from Acne Studios on Vimeo.