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Jonathan Saunders A/W11

Inspired by the 30s and 40s, Saunders showed a collection - including menswear - that boasted geometrics, graphic patterns and contrast colours

Beautifully elegant and chic, yet at the same time bold and full of impact, Jonathan Saunders' collection was presented in the austere surroundings of a newly built and seemingly unused floor of a grand office building, and boasted the designer's first foray into menswear. Set against the stark white of the location, the reds, turquoises, blues and floral print stood out giving the entire collection a feeling of strength and warmth. While artfully crafted and interesting in its purity, the collection was a very wearable one that will translate into the elegant and easy, yet noticed, wardrobe of its wearer. 

Dazed Digital: Where did the ideas for this collection come from?
Jonathan Saunders: This season I really wanted to do something that I wouldn't normally. I started by looking at photographs from the 30s and 40s and was inspired by the decadence I saw. That decadence then translated into the collection through cut, shape and some ornate patterns.

DD: Was the research a different way of approaching things for you?
Jonathan Saunders: Not hugely different but I did want to have a feeling of process in this collection, and that came through in the research and the background.

DD: What were the key elements for you in this collection?
Jonathan Saunders: The geometrics and the graphic patterns were really important, as were the contrast colours. Even the cut of the pieces was done in a graphic way which, for me, referenced that 30s decadence again.

DD: When you are taking a past era as your reference how do you bring it up to date?
Jonathan Saunders: I think it is important to make sure that you are aware of the buyer and the sort of person that will wear the pieces. It is always relevant to put each piece into the context of the wearer, whatever it is that you are referencing.