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Y-3 A/W11

Faced as a journey, Yamamoto took this season's sportswear collection via new routes of brown pinstripes, red checks and khaki

Yohji Yamamoto talked about his latest Y-3 collection as a journey and looking at the width of it, how much of a full wardrobe actually is on offer, he isn't far off. The Autumn Winter collection from the legendary Japanese designer and the sportswear brand started off with dark pieces contrasted by over sized white stitching details. The deconstruction theme was reinforced by a suit made up of brown pinstriped parts and sartorially 'glued' together by smaller bits of black fabric in between. Khaki, beige and a red over sized check pattern dominated when the clothes weren't black or white. Check tailoring and leather fish tail parkas broke up the sporty look characterised by nylon pieces, fleece tops and tracksuit bottoms. The main print, except for the Y-3 logo of course, was a running horse, perhaps signalling the speed at which this design genius is thinking and sketching...

Dazed Digital: What's the message of the collection?
Yohji Yamamoto:
It's a journey from your home town to wherever you are going; it can be hot and it can be cold!

DD: Where did the horse print come from?
Yohji Yamamoto:
It's a way of travelling, it's a symbol for travelling...

DD: How would you sum up the brand? 
Yohji Yamamoto:
It's been ten years since we started this collaboration and the idea was to make something that was sporty elegance.

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
Yohji Yamamoto:
The dress with a big hood!

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