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DKNY Womenswear A/W11

Focused on red, beige and black/blue combos, DKNY showed coat capes, flared trousers and houndstooth puffa jackets

Mrs New York's latest show easily accelerated into the second DKNY gear on Saturday. The younger line in Donna Karan's fashion empire showcased a strong and coherent look for Autumn Winter. Opening with coats and jackets cut like capes, Karan set the tone with a few stylish beige and black combos before moving on to red, the main colour of the collection. Sometimes matched with orange, the red nuances came as stripes and on a houndstooth puffa. Beige tailoring oozed of a safari-esque atmosphere with hints towards the 70s through flared trousers. Towards the end, Karan added a brown camel tone to the collection, often coming out as over sized knit cardigans. But for Dazed Digital it was all about the dark navy coat with black leather sleeves...

Dazed Digital: What's the main message of this season would you say?
Donna Karan:
Love! We need more love and passion in our world. The show is a kiss, a kiss of love!

DD: Is that were all the red comes in?
Donna Karan
: Red is the colour of love definitely. We also need to get behind 'A Million Hearts for Haiti' - we all have to get involved creatively...

DD: There were a few flared trousers, a nod towards the 70s!?
Donna Karan:
Yeah, the collection was inspired by the moment when it all shifted, when it was time for a shift towards everything modern... I wanted to find somethng that was sportswear but chic!

DD: Is there a stand out piece in the collection for you personally?
Donna Karan:
The black cape, the first pieceĀ 

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