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Band of Outsiders A/W11

Scott Sternberg sent models down from the ceiling and showed a relaxed city wardrobe with corduroy evening jackets for men and high heels inspired by hiking boots for the girls

Scott Sternberg began his dual men's and womenswear show by lowering down models from the ceiling, a clear reference to his rock climbing inspiration for Autumn Winter 2011. Once everyone was safely on the ground we saw the typical laid back yet stylish Band of Outsiders aesthetic once again roll out; corduroy evening jackets, fur pea coats, light green slacks, an off white duffel coat with thick stripes. Also the girls had that relaxed and comfortable city look. Check cargo pants, high heels inspired by hiking boots, a stripy poncho, and suits with flared trousers. A loose silk habotai jump suit with a floral asteroid print perfectly summed up Sternberg's vision for the New York hipster.

Dazed Digital: Where did you look for inspiration?
Scott Sternberg: A book called 'The Stone Masters' about Californian rock climbing in the 70s. The mythology of the 'Sea Ranch' architects commune in Northern California inspired the girl's range.

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the men's collection?
Scott Sternberg: The rabbit fur coat, I'll get one of those for myself.

DD: And for the women's?
Scott Sternberg: I like the last look, the blanket print. I thought that came out nicely...

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