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Alexander Wang Womenswear A/W11

Flowing anorak ponchos shared the Pier 94 catwalk with glitter trouser, fur details and evening jackets with padded nylon sleeves

Back at Pier 94, new NYC flagship store owner Alexander Wang continued his quest for sartorial world domination. The main theme was over sized ponchos that had been transformed into jackets. The focus in general was on outerwear as Wang showed evening jackets with padded nylon lapels and coats with fur collars. Leather trousers made for a more edgier attitude, but that was quickly counter parted by light pink outfits, white see through lace blouses and the last look, a long black draped silk shirt. But in between, Alexander Wang managed to show his more glamourous side through an array of tight glitter trousers in blue and pink. Fur was everywhere, even as a whole tailored jacket. Cut up tops added to the flowing feeling created by the big anoraks, and the silhouette was confirmed by over sized wool coats.

Dazed Digital: What was your starting point for the collection?
Alexander Wang: The idea of hybrid was a really big thing. Taking ordinary things like anoraks and fleece and combining it with a more decadent style.

DD: How would you sum up the collection?
Alexander Wang: It was about poking fun at the stereotypes of wealth and combining sporty with luxury - it's all about having a bit fun!

DD: There were a few quite big silhouettes with the over sized ponchos...
Alexander Wang: Yeah, that way you can hide more underneath!

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
Alexander Wang: A lot of the leather anoraks...

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