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Rag & Bone Womenswear A/W11

David Neville and Marcus Wainwright continued with their tartan and kilt theme but added Inuit, Eskimo and Saami influences for the womenswear show

For their second show of the day, David Neville and Marcus Wainwright used many of the same fabrics and ideas that they had just showcased in their menswear collection. That was probably because the idea of using British fabrics and themes close to their English hearts is at the very core of the brand. Hence the tartan checks, kilts and duffel coats. But all of these quentissantially British bits were skilfully merged with two other main inspirations; Eskimo clothing and 70s ski wear. The odd combination worked perfectly. Just as blue and orange isn't an obvious marriage, the duo mixed ethnic ponchos with cavallarly stripes and baseball jackets. Perfectly summing up the diversity of the modern women's wardrobe, Rag & Bone showed glam fur and hairy knitwear at the same time. Grey and off white was contrasted by burgundy and loud check patterns. Padded socks added to the "Futuristic Esikmo" look but it was the sharp electric blue and grey outfits that left the strongest impression on Mercer Street. 

Dazed Digital: What was the main idea behind the show?
Rag & Bone:
It was all about Saamis, Inuits, Eskimos and the Arctic circle to start with and then we moved on to 70s skiing and Jean-Claude Killy - that's where the knee socks and so on came in. 

DD: What about the tweeds, tartan and kilts...
Rag & Bone:
Yeah, that was just a little bit of Rag & Bone - the English fabrics like Harris Tweed and Abraham Moon regimental stripes...

DD: There were a few hi tech farics mixed in as well...
Rag & Bone:
That's where the 1970s ski wear came in... and all the padded technical racing sweaters and things like that to balance the whole Inuit sheepskin thing...

DD: What was it about the Inuits that you liked about them?
Rag & Bone:
It's incredible clothing really. Everyone thinks all they wear is polar bear skin, but it's really intricate and detailed clothing that is all made by hand.

DD: Is there a particular look that stood out to you?
Rag & Bone:
I liked the white looks in the beginning...

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