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Tommy Hilfiger Menswear A/W11

The king of Preppy added a more youthful and rock inspired element to this standalone menswear show at New York's The Lion restaurant

For his first standalone menswear show, the classic master of Preppy took on his heritage and twisted into a new breed of traditional yet edgy aesthetic for a rock 'n' roll inspired youth. Predominately using grey tones, Hilfiger added shades of burgundy, navy, brown and orange to get the party started. Stripes was the visual theme of choice and many pieces - coats, jackets, tops - came with thick stripes printed on them. Cargo pants came out skinny, and the usually über preppy suit jackets were made out of camouflage fabrics. While keeping us on our toes, Hilfiger also showed luxurious grey cashmere suits, trench coats with fur collars and cable knit roll necks. One of the stronger pieces was a jacket with a vertical pinstripe on top a horizontal stripe. This man never ceases to amaze...

Dazed Digital: How would you describe the look of your A/W11 collection?
Tommy Hilfiger:
Indie Prepp. There's indie rock 'n' roll bands and many of them have a preppy slant to them. I want to make clothes that have my preppy heritage but with a rock 'n' roll slant to them. You could call it Prepp 'n' Roll or Indie Preppy but it's really just a combination of preppy and rock style.

DD: So it's a modern version of your traditional style...
Tommy Hilfiger:
Yeah, more modern, more youthful. We're taking classic silhouettes and making them modern while also making modern silhouttes more modern...

DD: How would you say it has been modernised, what is it that makes the clothes modern?
Tommy Hilfiger:
The shape, the fabric, the attitude, the way it's been put together, the colours...

DD: Fabrics you say, what about them?
Tommy Hilfiger:
We're treating the fabrics. For example, we'll print stripes across traditional wool fabrics. Or use Prince of Wales check for cargo pants, and make a blazer out of camouflage patterns. It's all about combinations you wouldn't normally see!

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
Tommy Hilfiger
: Firstly, the duffel coat with printed stripes. Secondly, the skinny cargo pants!

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