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Fred Loves Fashion

The East London gallery will be home to one-off unique pieces by eight different designers during London Fashion Week

Fred (London) pays homage to the fashion world with this innovative form of exhibition that turns the fashion production line into works of art. Coinciding with London Fashion Week, Fred Loves Fashion, displays unique pieces by eight different designers from all over Europe, bringing together the creative minds behind some of most celebrated, yet underground, brands of today. Expect video art by Factoria Made Me, sculptures by Boudicca, and installations by A Child Of A Jago. We spoke to Fred about his vision for the fashionable art world.

Dazed Digital: Has fashion always been important to you, as the title might suggest?
I have always thought that fashion is very important, years ago in a past life I worked in fashion, I have also art directed fashion shows for a number of designers and recently my gallery did a fantastic collaboration with the Mulberry where some artists we work with designed a range of bags.

DD: So you’ve collaborated with the fashion world before?
Fred: We will always be thinking about fashion and that will show up in the work we do, in one way or another for sure.

DD: So what inspired this particular exhibition?
Fred: I was inspired to curate this exhibition as I am often amazed by the incredible creativity of the people around me who work in fashion, this has been especially true in east London in the last decade, as fashion here does not just happen for designers, it is everywhere, from the local club scene, to the street wear, a fashion forward way of dressing has become the norm in this part of the world. Artists have also always been inspired by fashion, last year one of my artists, Nayland Blake, told me that he was buying the Vivienne Westwood shoe book and thought it was similar to looking at sculptures.

DD: How did you select the designers for this show? Did you have specific ones in mind for the concept or did designers approach you?
Fred: For this show I knew exactly who I wanted to work with and I approached them. A key figure who is both in the show and my thinking is Kenny Cambell of KCTV, as well as being an amazing make up artist, he is also runs the KCTV website with TATU. It is so fashion forward and so creative, you must check it out!

DD: I will do. So how involved were you personally with the design process of the works themselves?
Fred: For this show I simply spoke with the designers and performers and asked them what they would like to do, their proposals were all amazing and I think that together they show fascinating elements of how fashion is created and how it is perceived.

DD: How do you think this type of exhibition fits in with a commercial gallery?
Fred: Commercial galleries that I like do lots of different things, and often represent the thoughts and ideas of the owners, We are a small business that is obsessed by the arts, we also often look at performance and music as well as traditional paintings sculptures, film and video, poetry and writing or quite recently collage. It is all very interesting and important; this variety is what makes up our rich cultural lives.

DD: Do you think art and fashion are quite intrinsic then?
Fred: I think all truly creative work is linked, and all the areas feed of each other, that is what makes it all so wonderful.

DD: Would you say that these works produced are more art or fashion?
Fred: The works for this show are a total mixture, they include sculptures by Boudicca that were used a sketches for a collection, a wall work by Omar Kashoura made up of clothes, camouflage and toy soldiers that discussed war, a video work made by Factoria Rentme in association with a visual artist, and an installation made my Joe Corre and Barnzley of A Child of the Jago with Judy Blame. I think it is art as fashion, fashion as art and every damn thing in between.

Text by Charlotte M Davey

Fred Loves Fashion 16 – 27 February 2011, Fred (London) Ltd, E2 9DQ