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Wood Wood Womenswear A/W11

Minimalistic layering meant there was a menswear approach to women's fashion at the Copenhagen Fashion Week show

Wood Wood was founded in 2002 by Karl-Oscar Olsen and Brian Jensen whose girlfriend Lotte designs the womenswear. This time the collection was tastefully styled and strongly directed towards eastern references, such as Turkish Kelim patterned fez-like hats, layer upon layer that created a nomad feeling and a slight menswear approach to womenswear. Some pieces had their signature Scandinavian minimalist touch combined with earth tones and burgundy red. Many items had hints of hiking and exploring gear, such as water proof details.

Dazed Digital: Wood Wood is a part of Copenhagen street culture, what inspired you this time?
Wood Wood: The inspiration for this collection came from a mix between north European folklorist patterns and global nomads. 

DD: What kind of educational background do you all have?
Wood Wood: We actually all have MAs in design from Denmark's Design School. Brian in graphic and Lotte in fashion and me in spacial design. The education is one thing, its good for the learning process , but style and image wise its crap. Wood Wood stores and the collection is build upon me and Brian's past in the subcultures and our eager to share our visual ideas with the rest of the world.

DD: You have collaborated with Kim Jones and Penfield to name a few, is there any collaborations in this collection?
Wood Wood: Not directly, but we are currently working on various projects that goes in a lot of directions. 

DD: I loved the Arthur Russell soundtrack at the last show, how did you integrate music and fashion this time?
Wood Wood: Our good friend Tomas Barfod of Who Made Who and Filur has made original music to our show, we are very much looking forward to this, as Tomas has been very keen on making such sound for a while

DD: Where do see Wood Wood in the Future?
Wood Wood: The future is open to anything, we focus on doing what we are best at and then we see how far it can take us.