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Spon Diogo Womenswear A/W11

Dark and classy leather collars and wider trousers and charecterised Mia Lisa Spon and Rui Andersen Rodrigues Diogo's latest collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

With a relationship that not only counts as pure business but also a marriage, Mia Lisa Spon and Rui Andersen Rodrigues Diogo - the couple behind Spon Diogo - launched their fashion line in 2008 and has since experienced a fast paced success. This time the collection consisted of leather corsets and belts, while the supple transparency versus tailored suits could complemented the lifestyle of a busy women. Models wore classy chignons with leather wrapping and bourbon lips to accessorize the belted silver fox and shaped wool. The slight change of the colour scheme, from Sacramento green to viridian combined with beautiful cuts, lifted the collection while giving space for leather collars and wider trousers.

Dazed Digital: What influenced this collection?
Spon Diogo:
For the autumn winter 2011 collection we took inspiration in the season itself – also it hints a portrait of a certain woman. More than previous collections this collection does not take inspiration from our surroundings, the political or social climate. It’s a much softer collection.
DD: You and your wife have created this label together, how did it happen in the first place?
Spon Diogo:
When we first met, we were doing quite different things altogether, Mia was in school and doing freelance illustrator & design work. I was designing jewellery and graphic design. To begin with we just sort of looked over the others shoulder and commented the other’s work, then one day we found ourselves working together full time on different projects. It was a very natural development.
DD: Your brand seems to be very simplistic and linear, how do you stick to such a strict code?
Spon Diogo:
We don’t really stick to a specific code, but we like the idea of powerful objects that are yet quite subtle. Maybe we are in linear phase; maybe one will see much more organic work in the future. At the moment it seems natural for both of us to work with linearity. But to be able to achieve certain simplicity is a durable task; one must take away, rework then take away again. But at once when the object works, when it speaks a clear language; it’s ready. It’s ready to be remodeled into a family of objects or formalism.
DD: What is the future of Spon Diogo?
Spon Diogo:
We started to work with some very gifted specialists in their respective fields such as Saga Furs and a Copenhagen based corset maker. The processes have been so endearing that we feel we have grown a great lot. To some extent it feels like this is our very first collection. We wish to be able to keep growing this way.