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Cardona Bonache Womenswear A/W11

The designer duo carefully pair mohair jumpers with cropped leather jackets at Barcelona Fashion Week

The duo of Victor Cardona Marques and Israel Frutos Bonache closed the second day of Barcelona Fashion Week with the strongest collection of the event so far, well worthy of winning the competition. Starting off with an eye-catching brown and orange colour combination, they continued with pairing great over sized mohair jumpers with cropped leather jackets. Knee high leather boots continued the animal hide theme and added a certain sexy 'Pretty Woman' feeling that was counter parted by a section of average black dresses. The obvious highlight of the 'Lesson 4: Godets' collection was the printed leather trousers, shoes and dresses. In a burning orange and ice cold blue, the abstract road print gave the collection a coherent visual message that impressed in every way possible. Triangle shaped lapels and tight leather sleeves under cropped felt coats continued the sartorial victory parade.

Dazed Digital: What was your starting point and general idea?
Cardona Bonache:
 The godet. It's when you cut fabric in the shape of a triangle and that's put in a seam or a cut...

DD: Tell me about the prints...
Cardona Bonache:
 It's an abstract interpretation of cone, it's a play on silhouettes and lights. When you see it in black, the silhouette changes.

DD: You say black but there was a lot of colour in there as well!
Cardona Bonache:
 Yeah, we added the blue and orange to our normal colour palette, grey and black. But in the prints we wanted strong colours...

DD: You mixed brown and orange quite nicely, was that a mohair jumper it came on?
Cardona Bonache:
 It's mohair, yes. We like the contrast between the shiny leather and the matt mohair, it's a bit grunge style.

DD: Do you have a favourite piece?
Cardona Bonache:
 The printed leather dress. We work with a Barcelona-based company on digital prints. 

DD:The knee-high boots was quite amazing...
Cardona Bonache:
 We always design for women from a distance, and that's our gift to women and how we like them, like super heroes with extra power...