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Rodebjer Womenswear A/W11

The Swedish designer of the year showing in Stockholm uses heavy beading and sparkling sequins for her night-time inspired collection

Carin Rodebjer just started the year celebrating for the third time, winning the Swedish Elle´s designer of the year award – and well, by chance her A/W11 collection “The Year of Magical Thinking” seems to fit in her moment. As she herself, Rodebjer raises the figure of the cosmopolitan woman with a precise silhouette; based on classic tailoring measurements; focusing on waists, shoulders, the neckline and wrists. She is inspired by the cosmetics of the night sky, dark and bright lights, where her textures include hairy wool, heavy beads, slippery sequins and metallic leather.

Dazed Digital: Point out things you didn't try before this collection.
Carin Rodebjer: Now I work more with accessories. I have things more organised. Also I usually work with an intensive organic vibe and now it is kind of a futuristic feeling. I get all more intense.

DD: How is Rodebjer today?
Carin Rodebjer: Same mental place that in the beginning. I have more perspective, knowledge and economic resources. 

DD: Please synthesize the collection in a couple of words.
Carin Rodebjer: Magic - powerful - elegance. 

DD: How's your feeling after the show today?
Carin Rodebjer:
 Very positive. It was playful. I'm very happy and satisfied about the show and the collection. 

DD: What's your tip for the current Swedish fashion scene?
Carin Rodebjer:
 I see Rodebjer very independently. But I do see a lot Swedish designers pushing it and try to make it interesting, eager to set themselves in the market.