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Carin Wester Womenswear A/W11

The new collection, 'Cameo', inspired by Hitchcock heroines and traditional romanticism hits Stockholm Fashion Week

“Cameo” turned out as one of the most acclaimed shows during the week A/W11. Carin Wester sought to distance herself from the fairy-tale of being a graduated and awarded designer to show a grown-up version of herself. Inspired by films noirs, Hitchcock movies in particular and the duplicity of his characters, Carin carries on her love for the androgynous and romanticism. With this collection, she looks to the femme fatal, who eventually shows up her romanticism. She pleads to the inner instincts; she has used layered garments with simple A-lined and flared silhouette with oversized pockets. The Hitchcock influence also is seen through the birds patterns for both, men and woman in strong electric colors.

Dazed Digital: Tell me about “Cameo”.
Carin Wester: I wanted to work with a more grown up collection. Look to the femme fatal but a bit fragile and romantic. We worked with Hitchcock´s inspiration, you know, he always appears in a certain point of his movies. I find elements between male and female that you can share. Of course, there some elements like hi heels for instance, that can´t be shared, but I find others that blur the boundaries between both.

DD: Could we find any special Cameos in the show tonight?
Carin Wester: Ha, ha. Actually I do it in my short films, I like that, just like Hitchcock appears in his movies.

DD: How would you sum up the collection in a sentence.
Carin Wester: Feminine and sophisticated-oversized.

DD: How is your feeling now after the show?
Carin Wester: I feel very relaxed.

DD: What´s your hint for the current Swedish fashion scenario?
Carin Wester: Well, designers here we care about each other. It is a clear angle now about what we do and it leads us to a strong profile.