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Nakkna Womenswear A/W11

Kicking off Stockholm Fashion Week is the raw and pared-down collection from the Scandinavian label inspired by bird swarms

Minimalist Swedish design label Nakkna introduce their rawest collection to date. For the A/W11 collection they have worked mostly with crinkled wool and different textures to dress up a metaphor as a swarm of birds. This is symbolised by the motion of elongated silhouettes where black is the base, with colour accents as a natural brown and silver. We met designers designers Camilla Sundin, Claes Berkes backstage after the show.

Dazed Digital: About the name, NAKKNA, what does it mean?
It does not mean anything. We´re just looking for a sound, inquiring into it it happened we miss spelled and that was the result.

DD: Point out things you didn't try before this collection
 We wanted a strong collection. More raw, even than we were already. We are working with dusty colors. grey scale but bright colors. For instance, we play a lot with bright whites.

DD: How does it effect on the selection on the fabrics?
 We get different textures and fabrics, metallic, silk satins and high gage wool working against raw materials as crinkle wool, scared leather and boiled wools distorted int the edges.

DD: What's the bird swarm inspiration?
 On one hand it's very concrete like translating the bird textures and shimmering colorfadings into fabrics and cuts. At the same time it's inspiration on another level; a vision about moving creatures going somewhere. I like the idea of imaginary people on their way to a utopia. That is a recurring inspiration and this time the birds symbolises that crowd.

DD: Please synthesize the collection in a couple of words.
 Moving people.

DD: Tell me about the music played during the show
 The hard power noise music together with the minimal lightning works as an enhancer for the collection, helping to convey a harsh and raw feeling that steams from the origin of Nakkna,

DD: How is your feeling now after the show?
 I haven´t landing yet. Always is like this. We feel good.

DD: What's your hint for the current Swedish fashion scenario?
We try to find our own vision. Since a couple of years you can find Swedish brands showing in Paris. Well, we have a special reputation.