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Solange Azagury-Partridge

The cult jewellery designer has reimagined her Bleeding Heart design in a new pendant to raise money for charity

There’s nothing that sets a girl’s heart a flutter quite like a special edition. Mention philanthropy and you have hoards of die-hards breaking display cabinets with stiletto heels. No surprise given Solange Azagury-Partridge’s cult status of late, with queues of celebs from Madonna to Rachel Weisz donning her conceptual jewellery designs she is  carving out for herself a niche in an industry famed for ‘classic’ cuts and staid ideals of elegance. In a career that has taken her from Butler and Wilson, to Creative Director of Boucheron, to a collection with high street monolith H&M and even two fragrances under her belt, now is the time when Azagury-Partridge can make her biggest contribution.

In this, her second collaboration with the charity (RED), Solange re-imagines her now eponymous Bleeding Heart design, this time as a pure sterling silver pendant dipped in translucent, blood red lacquer and engraved with (SA-P)REDTM Special Edition. Precious metals and organ themes aside, with 50% of profits benefitting Aids and HIV elimination across Africa, this is conscientious design at its most literal. Where’s that defibrillator when you need it?

Photography Markus Pritzi
Styling Elizabeth Fraser-Bell
Hair Roku Roppongi using Kiehl's
Make up Nobuko Maekawa using Mac
Models Benjamin at M+P, Lida at Next
Hair assistant Yuichi Ueno