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Alexis Mabille Menswear A/W11

Taking inspiration from the cold Scottish highlands, the king of Parisian chic entered new turfs with the use of neoprene and shimmering sequins

Mabille left his beloved Paris this season and went on a trip to the cold Scottish highlands, at least in theory. On a green and red canvas, the designer painted tartan patterns on clothes and accessories. All trousers had corset strings attached to the sides and many of neoprene pea coats came belted. This was a casual from the king of Parisian bourgeois chic with models wearing printed T-shirts (print: Bow Tie Club) and shirts with names and messages on embroidered on them. Of course there was a bit of glamour involved as well. Silver and gold brocade featured on both trousers and jackets, and the final pieces was a combo of all the above: a floor length neoprene cape and three check shirts came out together with shimmering sequins on them...

Dazed Digital: How would you describe the collection?
Alexis Mabille:
It was about clans and a concentration of people with the same idea. Plus the bourgeois ideas that I love but done a bit more trashy this time. Loads of accessories and golden materials...

DD: Some of it was quite casual - like the printed T-shirts - compared to your previous collections...
Alexis Mabille:
I wanted something different, like over sized shirts, which I never really do, mixed with tuxedo jackets. And T-shirt prints inspired by drink labels, all a bit trashy.

DD: You mixed golden brocade with neoprene, which is a bit unusual for you, right!?
Alexis Mabille:
I love to play with materials, and then I don't care if the fabric is refined or not. It's more if I love it in terms of light and colour and the effect it has on me.

DD: Tell me about the strings on the trousers...
Alexis Mabille
: It's metre after metre of string, like a corset. It's my version of a bow tie for this season.

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
Alexis Mabille:
I love the last three embroidered shirts at the end!

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