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Missoni Menswear A/W11

Angela Missoni impressed Milan with a subtle collection of reversible jackets, knitted cardigans and suede hats

Angela Missoni is steering her family-owned knitwear company safely into harbour, and have been doing for years. There is something comforting, quite literally, with a knitwear brand that not only knows how to make you warm, but also makes you look good doing that. Plus, of course, Missoni has managed the sometime difficult transition of adding more arrows onto the sartorial bow by expanding into a proper fashion line, not content with being a specialised knitwear brand. 

But the knit DNA was visible throughout the collection. Subtle greyish and blue tones dominated, with small dashes of red colour, and we saw perfect shawl cardigans, long scarves, bomber jackets, loose tailoring, and loads of suede hats pouring down the catwalk. Angela’s quilted wool jacket was the unofficial highlight.

Dazed Digital: Where did you start off with this show...
Angela Missoni: It was a revisited men’s classic wardrobe. The jacket is the focus of the collection, I try and always to make them double-faced and reversible, even the trousers are reversible.

DD: What kind of fabrics did you use?
Angela Missoni: Many different kinds wool, often combining hard with soft, so Shetland wool goes with alpaca. But there is also mohair, and Irish tweed.

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
Angela Missoni: The jacket with fur on the inside, and tweed on the outside.

DD: How much more do you prefer the winter collection over a summer show?
Angela Missoni: I have more chances in the winter working with knits.

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