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Dolce & Gabbana Menswear A/W11

The power duo brought on a red collection with cropped suit jackets, lots of red, sub cultural themes, glitter and a final section of evening jackets and jeans

As always, the Dolce & Gabbana collection covered all the bases. The Italian power duo has a knack for giving us the complete wardrobe break down season after season, partly due to superior manpower but also excellent creative durability. Having completed the transition to a lifestyle brand ages go, the pair has specialised in offering something for everyone. Not many other shows are so eclipsing in both formal and casual clothing. To jump ahead, that was perfectly shown in the traditional final minutes where all the models entered the catwalk in tuxedo jackets and ties or bow ties, only this time they all wore jeans.

Any sort of red thread to be pointed out was just that... red! In the midst of all the grey, black and white it was the strongest colour to contrast the monochrome shades. It came out as stripey knitwear and as a floral pattern on suit jackets. A darker wine red shade also made a few guest appearances. The strongest theme among the cuts was perhaps the many cropped suit jackets, none of them went below the waist. There was a bit of sub-cultural attitude injected through a couple of outfits with pork pie hats, tight jeans, bomber jackets and braces, while the Studio 54 quota was satisfied through glitter tux jackets, one of them even in pink.

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