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Ann-Sofie Back hand pierced evening dress and asym
Ann-Sofie Back hand pierced evening dress and asymmetric biker jacket.

A New Type of Convenience Store

Andrew Ibi's new fashion boutique nestled under the Trellik Tower in Notting Hill takes a new approach to luxury buying.

In a fashion retail climate which is oversaturated with choice and quantity, Andrew Ibi's new brainchild; The Convenience Store near Erno Goldfinger's iconic Trellik Tower in Notting Hill offers something that is purely focused on key styles and exclusive pieces from designers that share a similar approach as Ibi in their production; an uncompromising stance when it comes to quality. The name is derived from the store's nod towards bygone traditional local convenience stores where the items are limited, and appear low in stock. Pieces that are sought-after will also be kept 'under the counter' for the loyal customers that The Convenience Store hopes to gain. Andrew Ibi, who has a design background getting involved with various brands that have graced B Store, Pollyanna and Pineal Eye gives us an overview of what is getting selected for The Convenience Store's debut season.

"For AW08 The Convenience Store key looks focus on 'Hard Sculptured Edges with an Underlying Message of Social Defiance and Protection.'

Ann-Sofie Back's hand pierced evening dress and asymmetric biker jacket is just the kind of 'Rebellion' Golborne Gardens needs. They remind me of misfiring celebrities; exquisitely executed pure left-field glamour.

Rick Owens sculptural sheepskins and leathers with clipped wings and tie fronts edge closer and closer to that apocalypse he seems to dream of. So dramatic, beautifully constructed dark glamour at it's best.

Siouxsie Sioux and Grace Jones inspire Hannah Marshall's 'Code Black' AW08-9 collection. Her own sculpture dress offers her signature severe hard edges with a delicate and sensuous architectural form.

Sophie Hulme focuses on 'Concealed Combat' and her 'Fully Sequined Military Parka' manages to fuse contemporary glamour, luxury and street. Her integrated bow work is extremely clever but effortless. 

Clare Tough by nature has produced the most stunning patchwork knitwear delivering a low tech, high spec glamour. I especially love the oversized Jumper and her ultra sexy electric blue dress.

The quiet man of Antwerp, Christian Wijnants’ twisted and sculpted skirt is one of my favourite's of AW08. I love the length and of course it has that feminine toughness we are looking for this season.

If we're talking about Veronique Branquinho it has to be a piece of tailoring and since men’s tailoring is so hot for womenswear right now, I'm going for the long lean lines of the 'Removed Shoulder Blazer'. Don't wear it as part of a suit; wear it with a technical dress!

Atelier Gustavo Lins, a mild mannered architectural genius in my opinion has done a draped, wrapped and 'Twisted Tunic Dress' which is divine architecture got short and sexy. His pale gold twisted leather blouson is also a winner.

Camilla Skovgaard's 'Hair Sandal' grabbed me straight away and is one of Camilla's personal favourites. Surreal, fun and sensuous at the same time, it sums up spirit of The Convenience Store brilliantly.

Erika Trotzig's collection is pitched more as art than commercial fashion. We decided on a 'replace as you sell under the counter' approach to production and selling. All handmade and full of work, my personal gem is the detachable gusset patchwork coat.

We decided to use Lascivious as a key part of our accessories pitch, Lingerie, but again hard, stark and black, Incredibly sexy and playful at the same time. Team the Dominique Bodysuit with Camilla's Hair Shoe and you've got your after hours look. Don't forget the playing cards!"