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Supermarket Sarah

Bringing together vintage treasures with new finds, the domestic goddess takes over London's Selfridges store this January

Featuring brands like Tatty Devine, Eley Kishimoto, Donna Wilson, Swedish Blonde Design, Audrey Roger, Lynn Hatzius and Henrietta Swift, Supermarket Sarah is set to hit a wall at London's Selfridges this January. Gracing the London branch with a gallery and a pop-up with vintage treasures besides 'Super Stuff', Sarah will also be blogging about her new finds and upcoming designs.

Dazed Digital: What can we expect from the Supermarket in Selfridges?  
Supermarket Sarah:
A super wall of wonders! Jam packed with new designers, vintage treasures and my brand new range of 'Super Stuff'.

DD: What are the differences between your supermarket and a store?
Supermarket Sarah: This is very much a real manifestation of my online supermarket. Instead of clicking on items on my online wall users will actually remove items directly from it. So in fact, it's a very similar shopping experience. Each item will have an outline around it, like that of a tool shed. Customers can remove things and then be able to place them back in the same spot.  Our items in Selfridges will be more giftware orientated but they will have the same fun and quirky appeal.

DD: Favourite pieces in the collection this season?
Supermarket Sarah: I love it all! 

DD: What's next for Supermarket Sarah?
Supermarket Sarah: Walls worldwide! Both in reality and online.

Supermarket Sarah, Selfridges, Oxford Street, From January 11