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Centre Commercial

French eco brand Veja launches new Paris store adorned in vintage furniture, bikes and even a bit of clothing

The two founders of Veja launch their new project, a concept store space in Paris, entitled 'Centre Commercial' in reference to philosopher Bernard Stiegler. Combining fashion with artistic projects and environmental concerns, they have created a space representing their wide range of influences. Featuring labels hailing from France, Great Britain and Denmark, the unique store also houses second-hand bicycles, vintage furniture and art pieces as a collective space, 'uniting local, social and environmental initiatives'. Dazed speak to the founders of Veja about their new project and what's to come.

Dazed Digital: What is it about the name 'Centre Commercial' that fits?
Veja: The name of the store is a nod to the works of the French philosopher Bernard Stiegler about mass consumption. Centre Commercial is meant to be a place to slow down and to question what we consume through a selection of locally made clothes and accessories, furniture sourced by antique dealers, committed installations and artistic projects.

DD: Where do your restored bicycles and furniture in-store come from?
Veja: The bicycles are collected and restored by the charity Atelier Sans Frontières. The association located just outside Paris helps people reintegrate to society through work and training. The furniture are sourced and revamped by Parisian antique dealers.

DD: Why do you think they fit well amongst fashion garments?
Veja: Centre Commercial is a shopping center. A selection of clothes, accessories, furniture, bikes but also cosmetics, books and publications has been put together…. a shopping center then …but modeled after our influences and principles. Questioning consumption goes beyond proposing organic cotton garments. There are plenty of ways to do it and we like the idea of exploring various initiatives and projects. 

DD: Your favourite piece in store for next season?
Veja: A revamped Gazelle Tour de France racing bicycle…still quite rusty but also one of the last ones.

DD: What's next for Centre Commercial?
Veja: We are constantly featuring new brands and projects. For the coming months we will reveal a collaborative collection of trainers between Veja and French Trotters, develop partnerships with local NGO's, have a new exciting project around bikes and unveil artistic exhibitions…all soon uncovered.

Centre Commercial, 2 rue de Marseille, 75010 Paris, France