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Lilly Heine at Topshop

The CSM graduate's MA collection of muted colours and odd shapes is set to be stocked at the store from December

Drawing her inspiration from Picasso’s sketches of women, Lilly Heine will be one of three Central Sait Martins graduates who will have one-off pieces from their MA collections stocked at Topshop from this December 2010, alongside Matthew Harding and Simone Rocha. Characterised by unusual shapes and muted panelling, Heine’s new collection features lilac and dusty yellow cut-outs paired with her signature flesh tone tees and dresses. Dazed spoke to the young designer about her current collection and future projects.

Dazed Digital: What was on the mood board for your graduate collection? 
Lilly Heine: I was inspired by Picasso's drawings of curvaceous women. I was looking at imagery of women of his time who dressed effortlessly. The layering came through experimentation with fabric. 

DD: What was the reasoning behind using muted colours? 
Lilly Heine:
There was no reasoning, it just felt right at the time. I had a really strong idea of what feel I wanted the collection to have and the colour came with it instinctively.. 

DD: What keeps fashion interesting for you? 
Lilly Heine: Fashion is interesting because it is a reflection of the time we live in. It is the industry which responds most quickly to zeitgeist. It becomes increasingly hard to design anything that surprises, but that is the challenge. 

DD: You've already achieved high accolade having just graduated from winning The Harrods and Chloe Awards... what do you hope to achieve next? 
Lilly Heine:
I want to work in-house, bringing my own aesthetic and values with me.