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Sister by Sibling at Topshop

The cult menswear label takes on womenswear translated for the high-street with soft knits in pop-out colours

Cult knitwear label Sibling launches its first ever womenswear range, continuing its avant-garde take on knits. With roots in punk and high fashion, Sister by Sibling celebrates both these virtues with a collection of jumbo knits and macabre illustrations. Classic knitwear styles are subverted with twinsets in bright yellow whilst the designs reference punk culture, Christmas jumpers and Noel Edmonds. Founders Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery have collaborated with everyone from Alexander McQueen, Lucian Freud, Galliano and Lanvin; this latest collaboration with Topshop delivers Sibling's craft in reconfiguring knitwear to the high street. The only female in the trio behind the label, Cozette McCreery spoke to Dazed Digital.

Dazed Digital: What are the main differences between designing menswear and designing womenswear?
Cozette McCreery:
For SISTER by SIBLING the brief was very much along the lines of taking our main menswear ideas and references and replicating them for women. As women were demanding and wearing our main menswear line (that idea of borrowing the boyfriend’s sweater - did they ever get them back?) it was a no-brainer so in this instance there isn’t much difference although the fit and size has changed a little.

DD: The collection features jumpers and a new take on twinsets, were you inspired by old school Christmas jumper styles?
Cozette McCreery:
Haha, well we'd love to say that yes, Christmas jumpers, Noel Edmonds and Giles Brandreth inspired us, but honestly our inspirations are always traditional knit ideas, shapes and forms and mixing them with anything from youth tribes to music to art to OAPs.

DD: Sibling's always had an association with music, what do you think are the links between fashion and music?
Cozette McCreery:
In our minds they are always linked, music provides a backdrop of sound to many an outfit change in the SIBLING households. In turn songs or the style of dress around certain types of music have become an integral part of our mood boards. It’s also a lovely way to work with other creatives and some, such as Schwefelgelb who provided music for our first film, are now firm friends.

DD: As a team you've worked with Alexander McQueen, Giles Deacon and Lanvin amongst others, how have you translated high-fashion experience into high-street fashion?
Cozette McCreery:
We are sticklers for quality and finishing - just because you brought something on the high street does not mean that it should be shoddy, lack thought in design or be the garment version of fast food. Also £90 to one customer is often the equivalent to £900 to another - we realize that everything is relative.

DD: What current/future projects are you working on?
Cozette McCreery:
C6 for SIBLING will be launched in January 2011 in Paris Menswear, we have a new film to be shown at LFW in February and there is another project hopefully launching in January at Pitti. Lots going on!

Instore 29th November 2010 at London Oxford Circus, London Knightsbridge, London Selfridges and priced at £95.