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Inside Out: Exclusive Fashion Film

Photographer Hugh Lippe and Dazed's Fashion Director Karen Langley shot this film while working on their 'Inside Out' pages from Dazed & Confused's December issue

Dazed Digital brings you this exclusive clip from the  New York shoot. Using only new faces and unknown models, Hugh Lippe and Karen Langley shot this black and white story for the current issue of Dazed. "It was very fast furious once the girls actually got in front of the camera, achieving the somber tone came naturally to these young girls, many of whom all were neck deep in their first season of the notoriously and rigorous NYC fashion week. Not only were they wearied and worn, but they literally melted in the soft light as their worlds became turned inside out", Lippe said of the shoot.

Check out the December issue of Dazed & Confused for the full story