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Stussy's Psychedelic Tops

Director Adam Jay Weissman shoots Time & Space Machine for the new spaced out Stussy collaboration with Luke Insect and Richard Norris

Stussy’s new tees feature work from Time & Space Machine, the project by veteran British producer Richard Norris (one-half of Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve with Erol Alkan) and famed visual artist Luke Insect. Earlier in the year director Adam Jay Weissman came to London to shoot the duo and ended up stranded this side of the pond because of that volcanic ash hoopla. Both video and collection are now out and Dazed Digital spoke to Weissman about Stussy and his musical outfit, Pollyn. Make sure you check out the label’s BAPE collaboration and look book project with the supremely talented photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis.

Dazed Digital: What was it that drew you guys to The Time & Space Machine line-up?
Adam Jay Weissman: Their album art has a very distinct style to it that fits well with Stussy. Their use of old photos and collaging is something Stussy been doing since the beginning. It is a good pairing.   

DD: Do you feel that they have a distinctly British vibe?
Adam Jay Weissman: The images used in the designs do, at least to me they do. They remind me of 70's British psychedelia, but then for the design, Luke flipped in a modern way. The colors and layout are modern, they don't look vintage.   

DD: When you were shooting them you were land locked because of the volcano... discover anything new in London?
Adam Jay Weissman: We got to eat at some cool food spots, check out some museums, other shops.  We were stuck for six extra days I think. You can't really complain being stuck in London, but uncertainty of when we were actually going to get out of there made a little difficult to fully enjoy our time there. I've always really liked London. It's an awesome city.   

DD: Does the new range of Stussy tees expand on the psychedelic theme?
Adam Jay Weissman: Not so much psychedelic, but the Time and Space Machine designs fit well with the other tees in the holiday collection. Old school art flipped in a modern way. It's sort of the key to everything.     

DD: How would you describe the style of your filmmaking?
Adam Jay Weissman:It depends on the project. For my documentary stuff, I prefer black and white, handheld (not shaky, but a little bit of movement), contrasty, and grainy (if shooting film). For my personal stuff that is more narrative, the style is in the writing, then the look of the film follows that. I always end up writing comedy but I do enjoy a good fucked up thriller, or horror film, or both. I tend to mix and match things, kind of how I make music too.     

DD: What are the next film projects you’re working on?
Adam Jay Weissman: I just finished a couple films for Levi's for the trucker jacket. I think we’re going to shoot some stuff for Pollyn soon. Right now it's a music video / short film. It's got a David Lynch vibe.  

DD: Talking of Pollyn, how are the music projects going?
Adam Jay Weissman: Pollyn is good. Mix master Dave Cooley is mixing our next album right now. It's called “Living in Patterns”. We spent last summer recording, and hope to put it out next year. We're actually looking for a label to release it. It's a big sounding record, it's going to throw people for a loop.  We recorded with a choir, there's a ton of African percussion as well as a duet with Sal P from Liquid Liquid.

Stussy - Time and Space Machine Video from Stussy.