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Diesel's Stupid Piggy Back Race

The denim brand's Be Stupid competition climaxed with a gigantic Piggy Back Race that made it into the Guinness Book of Records

Kigus come in many shapes and forms, and never has this been more apparent then on Saturday the 6th of November at Allen Gardens, Brick Lane, in London, when over three hundred people walked, or rather piggy backed, two by two onto a handmade ark.  Cows, sheep, squirrels, crocodiles - you name it - were out in force, with some additions from Diesel Be Stupid competition winner Abi Lewis’s imagination, which we imagine weren’t included in the original line up. Why? Diesel have been asking us to "ignore the sensible and be stupid" over the last couple of months. They challenged the public to come up with a momentarily stupendous idea, of which the winner's would became a reality; a Guinness Book of Records largest piggy back reality with the aforementioned twist.

The popularity of Kigus has risen since being launched in the UK, having first become known in Japan, and it's now befriended by singers such as Professor Green and Lilly Allen. Following on from a Halloween Diesel Kigu party the week before, it seems the onesies are here to stay. Diesel has caused laughter and smiles with imagery such as women with cameras flashing their crotches, men racing cars and a couples kissing out the window of two separate cars. Why be sensible when being stupid looks so much fun?