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Converse Connectivity Graffiti Murals

The famous trainer brand collaborates with local graffiti artists for their latest creative campaign, of which Dazed here shows an exclusive behind-the-scenes film

The continually creative, comfortable and contemporary trainer brand Converse has chosen to highlight their most recent campaign by looking back at an advertisement style from a past era. Exploring the intriguing talents of a secret collective of top London graffiti artists, Converse has taken to the streets in the east end of London. Creating murals that took seven days to prepare and cover impressive masses of 13x8 and 14x10 meters, each artwork will feature the British musicians involved in the latest collaborative campaign, covering various genres including electro-pop, rock and electronic. Everyone on the murals will be wearing the iconic footwear that has become synonymous with musicians and artists throughout the world.

More of the impressive artwork will be popping up in popular locations in prominent UK cities, including Manchester, Brighton and Glasgow. Meanwhile, ‘Didn’t Know What Love Was', Converse's latest music collaboration features artists such as Bernard Sumner from Joy Division/New Order, Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard and Hot City’s DJ Haus and Benz, and it can be downloaded today from Another multi-genre single is due for release in January 2011. Dazed Digital has managed to get two exclusive teasers of the London based murals. The first is below and expect the second to drop here later on in the month.