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Hudson x Georgia May Jagger

The luxury jean brand once again team up with Jagger for a short film, this one showcasing their AW10 collection

Californian denim brand Hudson have hooked up with new face Georgia May Jagger and legendary photographer Mario Sorrenti for their AW10 campaign. The black and white film features the effortlessly cool Jagger, once again provocatively dressed to emphasise the luxurious fit of the jeans, running around in a dark forest. Being the first brand to have seen the potential in Jagger, Hudson’s creative director credits her as the “true embodiment of the spirit of the Hudson brand. She doesn’t try, she’s just cool. She has that certain ‘Je ne sais quoi'”. Having gone on to appear in further beauty campaigns and high end fashion advertisements, Jagger stays true to the Hudson Rock n Roll aesthetic. Dazed Digital caught up with her…

Dazed Digital: What attracted you to work with Hudson jeans?
Georgia May Jagger:
Well, my mum actually used to wear them a lot before I did the campaign and I had a pair before I worked with them. I always liked how comfortable they were and they work for every type of bum.

DD: Three seasons ago Hudson was your first advertisement campaign and featured very sexed up images of you topless with your arms covering your breasts - did you find this difficult or awkward to do?
Georgia May Jagger:
In the beginning it didn’t come naturally to me. I felt very self-conscious about it. But as I’ve modelled more, it becomes less of a big deal. I enjoy the whole process and I like meeting people. I’m very interested in photography and lighting and learn a lot from the photographers that I work with.

DD: You’re quoted as having a refreshing approach to modelling once saying "I model jeans. You need a bum for those" - are you proud of your figure?
Georgia May Jagger:
When mum was first modelling, it was all about that Thierry Mugler woman with the tiny waist and the giant ass. They used to pad their hips, I think it's much sexier.

DD: Do you ever borrow your mum’s clothes and if so what was the last piece you borrowed?
Georgia May Jagger:
Just the '60s and '70s stuff!

DD: You have a denim collection coming out with Hudson jeans, can you give us any hints as to what special styles and designs they may include?
Georgia May Jagger:
So the idea was to have black jeans but with the aesthetic of leather pants. So there’s one jean that has suede lace-ups down the side, like a crisscross thing. They are very cool and rock ’n’ roll. But they are quite comfortable.  It’s a stretch denim and a higher cut on the hip, which I like because I’m a bit shorter, so I like that elongated leg thing. And they’re really good on the bum, as well.

DD: Did you ever think you’d follow in your mother’s footsteps?
Georgia May Jagger:
I’ve always loved clothes and fashion and I always saw my mom look really glamorous and it was amazing. But never thought I would do modelling. I’m just so lucky that I’ve been given all these opportunities because I never really thought it would go in that direction.

DD: If you weren’t doing modelling what else would you like to be doing?
Georgia May Jagger:
Photography. My sister calls it “modelgraphing”. But school is my main focus now. I never put modelling in front of my education.