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S=YZ S/S11

The Korean design duo showed a Spring Summer collection of punky glamour at Seoul Fashion Week

As part of Generation Next, S=YZ represents a new wave of South Korean fashion. The design duo, comprising Yu Jin Song and Ju Yeon Jo, were one of the more exciting brands showing womenswear during Seoul Fashion Week. Their young age, and the fact that this was their first catwalk show in their native country, contributed to a feeling of excited energy and ambitious hunger.

This state of mind brought on a collection dominated by brown and beige tones, skilfully accentuated by doses of black leather and shimmering studs. Grown up blouses in silk shared the stage with mini skirts, and baggy jeans had been given a ‘punk’ treatment. A leopard print brought some glamour to a show that also boasted long thin cardigans in two different fabrics. A distinct 90s feeling went trough S=YZ’s Spring Summer collection, and Seoul Fashion Week was a better place because of it.

Dazed Digital: How would you describe the brand?
It’s 90’s fashion and grunge, we want to show the dual personality of women, one side is her with husband and family and the other is more about her instinct as an independent woman.

DD: It felt a bit like a glamorous punk collection…
Yeah, kind of but we didn’t want it to go that way, we were looking for a more classic and pure collection. We wanted sensual sophistication but it turned out to be quite sexy and punky.

DD: The studded jeans were quite loose in the silhouette, not your typical ‘sexy’ fit?
We wanted a classic shape of the jeans and we think that this loose fit is the classic of classic fits!

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
The leather jacket with studs, the last look – it’s the most expensive one!