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Beckham x Bond for adidas

adidas Originals by Originals launches the new David Beckham and Design J. Bond collaboration

Now in its fourth season, adidas unveils the new Originals by Originals collection by pairing David Beckham with the Los Angeles-based James Bond, co-founder of the streetwear and sneaker institution Undefeated. Their collaboration sees American sportswear blended with classic British heritage including a Gore-Tex Mackintosh, a collaboration with Scottish Harris Tweed, a soft leather Forum Mid D8 shoe and an all-black, heavy canvas and suede backpack. The ObyO collection also sees further adidas collaborations with Jeremy Scott and Kazuki Kuraishi. Dazed Digital was at the launch of the Beckham collection at Selfridges and caught some time with James Bond.

Dazed Digital: How did the Beckham collaboration first come about?
James Bond: Victoria was a customer of ours and she put us into contact with David, who loved our stores. He already had the existing David Beckham adidas collaborations but he wanted a part of that to be sold through our channels. We had an impromptu store session where we opened late for them to shop and it went from there.

DD: What does Los Angeles think about David Beckham?
James Bond: Los Angeles is the land of entertainment and sports figures so for it was a pretty smooth transition. It wasn’t too much of a huge shit show as he’s really low key. Although I was with him in Milan and saw a girl broke down, crying in front of him. But that was Millan.

DD: The fist adidas Undefeated collaboration was the 35th Anniversary black shell toe which is a total classic. What to you makes something a classic?
James Bond: It’s timeless. Whether it’s clothing or a piece of art and looking back at that shoe it’s was always on point. With a classic you can never do it wrong and it’s the same with the shell toe. 

DD: Being in the game with Undefeated for eight years, what do you feel is most influential to your design aesthetic?
James Bond: It’s from coming from Undefeated, I would say I was always a frustrated curator, rather than a designer as I haven’t been formally trained. But take footwear, you’re able to have access to all the textiles. You’re always thinking about how you could expand certain shoes and this helps in what we do. Taking existing materials and combining them with new ones, that’s the fun part.

DD: Undefeated is known as both a store and a brand and has stayed super strong throughout the years whilst others have peaked and dropped off. What do you think it is that people relate to?
James Bond: I’m honoured. I’m still surprised and it’s interesting because I’ve never really been that comfortable thinking that. I guess I’m bad at taking praise.

I think it’s the name. Who doesn’t want to think in the back of their head that they’re undefeated? Who doesn’t want to be successful? I also don’t think we’ve really changed or chased anything, we’ve kept our course. And we’ve made our mistakes in public, whether it’s a horrible collection of all-over print crap that we have done. But we’ve always been very true and organic with what we do and that resonates with people. From how we build out stores to product selection to our staff - it’s all one mindset and I think that’s what’s helped. 

The adidas Originals by Originals collection is available now at Selfridges